Roy Rosenfeld

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    You only have half of the story of the Challah recipe. When Joe first married Marion, the family received fresh baked Challahs from Joe’s mother Clara Goodstein of blessed memory. Joe asked Marion if she would bake challahs like his mother. Marion tried but couldn’t produce a challah like his mother’s. Finally Joe took off from his architectural work to watch his mother bake challah. She would grab a hand full of this and pinch of that, he had to stop her at each step and measure what his mother was adding to the mix, not just letting her do what she had done for decades by just feel and measure of the eye. Joe gave Marion the measurements, ingredients and steps his mother used. Marion preceded to use and improve on that Friday Afternoons recipe to the point that she surpassed her mother-in-law. How do I know this story? I came after Herby Dan as a young single engineer working for Tennessee Valley Authority in Knoxville in the Late 70’s through the Mid-80’s at the Goodstein’s Shabbos Table. Roy Rosenfeld Chattanooga, Tennessee