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    Thank you for posting this video. I know Israel is not an apartheid state, but I also see how someone could argue incorrectly that it is. There were many points covered in the video, but there were several things that weren’t covered. If I had answers to these questions, I’d be more comfortable talking to people who disagree with me.
    1. Israel considers the “disputed territories” part of Israel in some ways. In other ways, not.
    2. Arabs living in “Israel proper” (I hate that term) who accepted citizenship can vote, hold office, pay taxes, and do everything that citizens do, but are not required to serve in the IDF. Clearly not apartheid.
    3. Arabs living in Jerusalem who didn’t accept citizenship can vote in municipal elections, but not for knesset members.
    4. Arabs living in the “disputed territories” need a permit to enter “Israel proper”, cannot sleep there, need a work permit, and cannot vote. The laws that govern them are not Israel laws, but rather military laws and laws left from when the British were here. They cannot become Israeli citizens, although the Jews living in area C are citizens. (The laws governing them seem to vary depending on the situation.) I think people who call Israel an apartheid state are looking at this. If one answers that these areas aren’t Israel and every country has laws about people from other countries entering and working, then fine. But, on the other hand, we sometimes say it IS Israel (or should be), and then the non-citizen arabs are residents who need something similar to an American green card in order to work and travel in “Israel proper”. But somehow this argument is very weak and unconvincing.
    5. Which leads to another question: We KNOW that all the land, including Yehuda and the Shomron, is ours. HaShem gave it to us, and in modern times in the 20th century, l’havdil, the nations of the world gave it to us again. Then, we won it in a defensive war, which means it’s ours again. But the arabs are taught and firmly believe that any land that ever was islamic, is islamic forever, and so they say the land is theirs. How do we answer that?

    Thanks for letting me ask my questions, even if you don’t have time to answer.
    And thank you for this blog.

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    He can go down the stairs, but can he go back up the stairs?