A Day of Memorial Ceremonies on the Jewish Calendar





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Today, March 31, 2014 is the eve of the new Hebrew month of Nisan. The month of Nisan is designated as the month of Passover, the month of the Exodus, and the month of redemption for all. 

Because of the special holiness of this month, it is customary not to visit grave sites for the duration of the month. Thus, anyone whose beloved passed away in Nisan, the family holds the memorial on the eve of the new month - today.



I attended the memorial of my son Yehuda's brother-in-law - Benyo Livnat - who was murdered on the 6th day of Passover by an Arab policeman in Shechem who shot and killed him for no reason whatsoever as he finished praying at the tomb of the biblical Joseph and exited the edifice. The murder was recognized by the Israeli government as a terrorist attack. 

Benyo or Ben Yoseph was a true righteous person - a tzaddik - and described by all as the most lively person they knew. He had a vigor for life that knew no limits. He lived to be 24 years old, and left behind a wife and 4 children, the oldest of which was 4 years old.

After most of the attendees had left the ceremony, the following scene caught my camera's lens: Benyo's mother spending a few moments in solitude with her murdered son:


Our hearts are with all of those who remember their loved ones today.

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