IDF Rewards My Son For Disobeying Orders


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My son Yonatan is not crazy about serving in the Israel Defense Forces, but he does give it his very best. 

He is now in the IDF's tank commanders' course. Yonatan says this is the hardest challenge he has undergone to date in the IDF, harder than boot camp.


Yonatan's Merkava 4 tank

This past week during training, he was in the role of tank commander moving forward with a group of tanks. He reported to the officer that he senses a tech problem with his tank, and explained why. The officer answered that he should continue moving forward. Right? What does a rookie tank commander know about tanks?

A few minutes later, he reported again, and got the same reply. Yonatan then sternly responded: "I am stopping the tank. I refuse to continue moving forward."

The officer came over to his tank. When they opened the engine, there was a fire raging in the engine!

Totally unexpectedly, he was allowed to come home for Shabbat.

Yes, of course the army is all about following orders, but you still gotta use your head.

Go Yonatan!

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  • Eli Romanoff
    commented 2014-01-28 12:21:15 -0500
    What a story!