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      to the Israel Empowered Newsletter for exclusive content unavailable anywhere else in English Today, March 31, 2014 is the eve of the new Hebrew month of Nisan. The month of Nisan is designated as the month of Passover, the month of the Exodus, and the month of redemption...

After a Jerusalem Center City meeting with the King of Brooklyn Jewry Rubin Margules, we enjoyed some amazing people watching on Jaffa Street. Here’s a glimpse at the Jerusalem Purim scene:  Julie V with Cellphone store worker   A PurimSanta?       Guys, these are two single Jewish girls...

The article below by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed presents one of several religious-Zionist positions on the issue of hareidi yeshiva students and IDF enlistment. Key paragraphs are highlighted in red. By Rabbi Eliezer Melamed Translated and edited by Baruch Gordon and Yonatan Bahar Are yeshiva students obligated to serve in the...

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Not sure how to respond to acquaintances who believe that Israel is an apartheid state?
Hands down, this video is the most compelling, convincing footage on the net.

A must watch. This page MUST go viral. "Like," "Share," "Tweet" and "Pin" this page.

By Baruch Gordon

What a beautiful waltz. Wish I was there to witness it live.

All he is trying to do is introduce graffiti art to brighten up people's lives. Hear his powerful message.